152mc – Task 1 – Evaluation

The first task that we were given this term was to create an instruction manual and base it around the knowledge that we gain throughout the module.  It was an ongoing task, with the manual being created over a number of weeks.

Having looked at several examples of instruction manuals I decided that I wanted to make mine as visual as possible. I feel that I have achieved this to a certain extent although I think that given more time and better skills using Illustrator, I could have cut a lot more writing out of the manual.  I wanted to aim for a manual that a lay person could pick up and by the time that they have finished they would have a basic understanding of the way use light within our practice.

I chose to use Adobe InDesign to create the document which at first I found to be very challenging. However, over time and with more experience my work flow became more fluid. I feel that I have a much better grasp on using it and it is definitely a tool that I will use again in the future.

Overall I feel that this task has been successful and I am happy with the final product. I feel that it fulfils the brief and works well as a visual learning aid, which I hope I can embellish and improve upon over the next couple of years at Coventry University.




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