152mc – Task 2 – Pinhole Photographs

For this task we were asked to create pinhole images of an Open “non” space and to consider the human impact on this space . I have chosen to represent London Road Cemetery Coventry.

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 21.40.57





I am very familiar with the cemetery as my grandparents and great grandparents are all buried there. I remember visiting it as a child and with my grandma and I was fascinated by the flowers that people had left for departed loved ones. I loved running in amongst the grave stones and going to visit the graves of the children who were there.  Some people are scared of cemeteries but I find them peaceful places, a place that you can be at one with your thoughts.

I feel that a cemetery is as perfect place to demonstrate the traces of human presence, after all, the headstones each bear testament to lives once lived. The area, despite being almost always devoid of physical human presence the evidence of human existence is all around you.  The flowers left at grave sides, the memorials paying tribute to lost , but not forgotten souls, the trinkets and mementos that people have left behind to provide them with comfort in their grief.

I chose to photograph the area that immediately surround where my Grandmother is buried. Although there are thousands of people buried in the surrounding plots , to me that area is deeply private and personal.

The weather has not been kind to us this past month, being decidedly un-springlike but I was determined to make the best of the conditions I was faced with. I feel that this has been the most challenging part of this task as it has just been so difficult to gage the exposure times with the weather being so changeable. I have had quite a few failures where the images have either been over or under exposed and there for completely unusable.

Of the many images that I took of the location I have 2 that I feel happiest with, they retain an air of authenticity that the pinhole camera gives to an image. There is no trickery and no temptation to edit them. These photographs are what they are. A true and faithful depiction of the area they capture.



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