152mc – Task 5 – Part 2

“critically reflect on how your practice
has developed during this module.”

When I embarked upon this module I knew that light was key to photography, after all , a camera is essentially a box that captures light. However, I was not aware of the ways in which it was used by photographers to manipulate scenes and images. Having never had any tuition in how to light a shoot I hit the floor running.

Whereas in the past I would pay little attention to the light situation when shooting I know find myself analysing the conditions and changing my practice to accommodate them. For instance, prior to this module I had little clue as to why a reflector would be used. I had seen them being used and knew they reflected light but had little understanding as to why. I now know that reflectors can be used to eliminate shadows under a models chin, therefore creating a more flattering photograph without the need of photo-shop.

I find myself constantly looking at the work of other practitioners and reflecting upon the lighting techniques that they use when creating images and video, something that I would never have considered previously.

This module has enabled me to become a more rounded photographer, I have added further dimension to my work and I pre visualise my practice in a far more involved way. I do not just take a picture and hope for the best. I consider the ambient light and then use or adjust the light sources I have available to me.

Overall I feel that this module has helped my practice develop in an interesting and improved way. I am one step further towards becoming more accomplished in what I do.




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