152mc – Task 3 – Reflections

When I learnt that this task was to be to represent someone through a series of portraiture I was excited. I enjoy creating portraits and was looking forward to experimenting with techniques that I learnt throughout the module. The class workshops were really helpful and enabled me to gain a real insight into just how to use lighting to my advantage.

Despite making changes to my subject I feel that I have achieved what I set out to achieve. I wanted to capture Elliot’s innocence , youth and inquisitiveness, without being a sugary sweet, stereotypical “school” portrait. No forced smiles, no asking him to say cheese, just capturing him at his most relaxed .

One thing that I may have done a little differently  would be to shoot Elliot in a number of locations, unfortunately time constraints, weather and limitations in equipment meant that I was unable to do this . I will however elaborate on this work and develop it further in my own time.

Things that I have learnt throughout this module will stay with me, and I can use this knowledge to develop my practice further as I progress over the next couple of years of my degree. For me , this module has been very enjoyable and successful and I look forward the next 2 years of my course with anticipation.


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