154mc – An Artefact informed by an extra curricular activity

Outside of University life I am also a busy Wife and Mother to 4 young sons, this takes up a huge amount of my time and juggling these aspects of life can be challenging to say the least but it is something that brings me a lot of satisfaction. I enjoy learning and feel that education is a lifelong journey. I cannot imagine living a life where I was not discovering new things and learning about the world around me.

As time is of a premium I have very limited extra-curricular activities that I participate in. Although it could be said that being a wife and mother is extra curricular I want to look at something that I do outside of that. Something that is about me time. Losing myself in something just for the sake of being interesting or fun.

I have long had an interest in family history. I used to love hearing tales my Grandmother would tell me of her mother and father and what life was like for her as a youngster. My Grandma had an old photograph album that she used to get out and we would sit looking at the pictures and talking about the family history. She had a keen interest in Genealogy and this is something that I have inherited from her.DSCF9006

I have used the information that I have gathered from her alongside research I have carried out on Ancestry.co.uk .

This has enabled me to build quite a large family tree dating back to 1569, although my tree is in no way complete. It is an ongoing endeavour and something that I enjoy dipping in and out of when time allows.  I started researching back in 2002 and feel that this is going to be a lifetime of work. I know that my Grandma only really skimmed the surface of our tree as her research was carried out in the time before the internet. She would physically visit the Record offices and scour through roll upon roll of microfiche to locate the records that she required.  Over the past 10 years of my research the archives of records online have grown massively so it is now easier than ever for people to delve into their family history.

These are some of the old photographs that inspired me to search and find out who these people were, it allows me to make sense of today by knowing about yesterday.

My Great-Grandparents on their wedding day.

My Grandmother “Eyee” and her parent on the left and Father on the right.

Eyee and my grandad Patrick when they were dating back on the 1940’s.

Second World War letters.


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