Final Letter to Myself

27a xxxxxxxxxxx



27th May 2013

Dear Emma,

Wow , what a year it has been. I know you had your doubts that you would be able to see it through but here we are, the end of our first year at University! You thought that we were too old, too out of touch with education but see, I have proved you wrong. That’s not to say it has been easy, it hasn’t. Finding the time to study with the boys and hubby has been challenging, but not be one to shy away from a challenge, we rose to it.

I have learnt more than you could possibly have imagined. Not only about photography, but about who I am. I have found direction and focus that I know you never thought was possible. I have learnt that I am not to be underestimated, I have more ambition in me than we could ever have imagine, I just needed to realise it.

I have developed in my practice as a photographer, enjoying every step of the way, learning new processes and techniques. It really has just flown by.

We were worried about being a mature student and fitting in, well we needn’t have worried. I have made some fabulous friends who I hope will be friends for life.

We worried about managing time and being able to fit it all in. Well, it certainly has been difficult, at times there have been tears of frustration, but this has really only made me all the more determined.

Its hard to believe how quickly this year has gone by. It seemed like such a long way off. I am looking forward to studying over the next couple of years, of the adventures yet to come. Hopefully this past year has given us a solid foundation on which to build and develop as a person and photographer.

I now know that whatever challenges lie I ahead I can deal with them. I have it in me to meet each challenge as it comes. I can do this, I think secretly you knew all along that you could, you just needed to prove it to yourself. The work and grades you have achieved of this year are testament to that fact.

I know that it will be hard, that at times you will feel like giving up, but it is all worth it. The sense of achievement and satisfaction that returning to University has bought me has been life changing.  I am going to seize the opportunity with both hands and make a success of my future career in photography. I owe it to you , and our wonderful family, who have had to put up with tantrums and tears on more than one occasion. For them I am going to make this a success.

Keep strong and remember, even when things feel like you can’t do it, you can!

See you on the other side.

Emma xx


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