Summer Work – Revisit an old Task – Task 3

Choose something from the past years project work (level 1 classes) that you would like to rework. Often due to time restrictions and other commitments projects have more potential than realised in the time frame of the brief and given the opportunity could be reworked to make better work.Spend time over the summer break, researching and improving one of your projects.

When given this brief I was unsure what task to approach as I feel that there are quite a few projects that have scope for improvement, in fact probably all of them do. Trying to fit this in with childcare during the long summer holiday has been a challenge and this became a factor in deciding which project to approach.  I decided to focus on something that I do to relax and try to incorporate my downtime into the project.

Over the past year my Husband has been transforming our overgrown, run down garden, and has created a vibrant , lovely space that the whole family enjoy. It is very large and to try and it is difficult to capture it in one shot. This led me to think back to a task that we were set back when we first started the course, Greater than the Whole.  This task asked us to “Produce cumulative portrait of a structure that cannot be readily portrayed in its entirety in one frame”.

Now, the garden is not a structure as such , but it is structured. There is an order to it, things work together in order to create structure and harmony. The positioning of plants, the light and soil all merge together to create the Structure of the garden. Over the past year I have been using my photography to document the transformation that has taken place to create this new structure and order. My photographs have focused in on the detail, the elements that, once combined create the whole.

Garden before the work

Garden before the work


I have chosen the following images that I feel demonstrate the individual components of the whole :









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