250mc – Assignment 1 – Essay Brief

250MC Essay – 50% of your terms mark
The essay needs to be 2000 words, exclusive of your references/bibliography.  The submission date for your essay is midnight on November 4th and should be submitted via turnitin on the 250MC moodle homepage.
Late submissions will be capped at 40% and plagiarised essays will be failed.

Your essay can be independent to your core practice, but you could benefit from choosing an essay title, which echo’s and enhances the themes you are exploring in your core practice.

Essay titles

1. Using examples of two contemporary artists/photographers/writerswho have made site-specific works and discuss how their practice contributes to the audiences understanding of that landscape.

2. Supporting your argument with examples, discuss how the archive material in contemporary visual practice can contribute to reviewing history.

3.  With the starting premise, that the landscape of photography is on shifting sands, discuss some of the debates around this theme and how they inform your understanding of the future of photography.

4.  Using one or more images/artefacts to support your argument, discuss how the presentation of images in different formats, can have a bearing on how they are understood by the audience.

5.  Using examples to substantiate your argument discuss some of the problems of a photographer may encounter as a documentary photographer.

You will have introductory classes which will give you support with your essay
writing. Additional technical essay writing advice and support can be accessed at
CAW (the Centre for academic writing). For specific dyslexic essay support you
will need to contact the disability department.
CAW – http://www.coventry.ac.uk/study-at-coventry/studentsupport/academic-support/centre-for-academic-writing/?theme=main
Disability – http://www.coventry.ac.uk/study-at-coventry/studentsupport/health-and-wellbeing/disability/?theme=main
You are advised to book appointments in advance, as they get very busy.
Suggested core reading
Barts, R (2000) Camera Lucida 4th Edn. London Vintage


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