250mc – Assignment 1 – Essay choices

The brief asks that I write a 2000 word essay and use research and other artists works to substantiate my arguement.  I have been given a choice of 5 titles to choose from as follows;

1. Using examples of two contemporary artists/photographers/writerswho have made site-specific works and discuss how their practice contributes to the audiences understanding of that landscape.

2. Supporting your argument with examples, discuss how the archive material in contemporary visual practice can contribute to reviewing history.

3.  With the starting premise, that the landscape of photography is on shifting sands, discuss some of the debates around this theme and how they inform your understanding of the future of photography.

4.  Using one or more images/artefacts to support your argument, discuss how the presentation of images in different formats, can have a bearing on how they are understood by the audience.

5.  Using examples to substantiate your argument discuss some of the problems of a photographer may encounter as a documentary photographer.

Of all these titles, number 2 and 3 were the ones that  immediately appealed to me.  Looking back at my work in year one I found it interesting how photography has changed, and is indeed still changing since its creation.  I am going to mull these two over and decide which one to persue.

Few initial thoughts :

– How has photography changed since its initial development ?

– The role of photographic practitioners through history.

– The transition into the Digital Age , effect this has had on photographic practice.

– The role of the photographer in the digital age.  The need for change, what changes are occuring, how this effects the role of photography ?


What is the “shifting landscape? ”   –

http://http://landing.newsinc.com/shared/video.html?freewheel=69016&sitesection=sechicagotribune&VID=24852751  – video from article found here. http://www.hbagency.com/rise-of-photography-decline-of-the-staff-photographer-and-the-role-for-pr/  ( accessed 01/10/13 )  – talking about the redundancies of 20 staff photographers working at the Chicago Tribune.  – Why has this occured, what will this mean for the future practice of photo journalism?



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