250mc – Site Specific Brief

Site Specific Brief

Building on previous experience and concerns, your task is to make a piece of work, which integrates your personal interests with an assigned site in Coventry.  You will need to download a map, a slice of Coventry from the 250MC moodle home page. Please be mindful that other students may choose to use the same section of map. To help clarify your personal response, you are encouraged to research your site fully before you start taking photographs. Consider using local social and cultural history, myths and/or the landscaped geography as starting points. Your project needs to be lens based but there are no restrictions about which direction you develop your project; it has been specifically designed to encourage your own personal interests and direction. However, it needs to be original to you. You are advised to use this flexibility as an opportunity to explore your own photographic direction and investigate an area of photography, which interests you. The presentation of your project should be appropriate to its development.

The final submission for your site-specific brief isNovember 25th. You will need to formally present your final assignment on this date. Failure to present your work, will affect your final grade. In additional to which you will need to
evidence your ongoing research on your blog and write a summative 300 word reflective statement about your assignment.  If your work is deemed of a low standard you will have an opportunity to resubmit your work. In which case CM will discuss this with you directly, NB resubmissions are capped at 40%. If you are unable to meet the deadline you can apply for an extension via the administration department. CU you has a strict policy on hand in dates, extensions are only given in extenuating circumstances and will need to be supported by 3rd party evidence. Please see Clare Jeffs, the course administrator, if you need to apply for an extension.

Group Work10%
The classes put in place this term are designed to support your research,writing and practice. Most of these classes are group work, which require your work cooperatively with other students, respond, react and peer review each others
work. You will be working on googledocs., save them as a pdf for your groups submission.


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