250mc – Site Specific Brief

A few initial thoughts on this brief : 

My initial thoughts surrounding this brief are that it asks us to draw upon work we have created during Year One and expand on the processes and techniques we learnt during that time. This brief want’s to push us towards a more independant way of working and thinking.  I have to admit, this is something that intitally filled me with dread, where on earth to start and what on earth am I going to produce? With this is mind I am looking back upon the elements from last year that I enjoyed ( and those that I did not) and try to expand on this, allowing it to evolve within this brief.

Some things for me to consider: 

I was born in Coventry and spent the first 10 years of my life there so I have a personal History of Coventry,- Places that were significant to me, my family etc. – After studying the maps I have realised that the area in which me and my grandparents lived falls outside of the areas given in relation to this brief.  I do however have ancestors buried in London Road Cemetery so this could be a starting point.


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