Memories of lives lived – 250mc – Assignment 2

A few initial thoughts led me to consider the London Road Cemetery and the influence it had on my life. As a child I loved my Grandma taking me there, she would tend to her Husbands grave and I would run amongst the headstones. My favourite part was the children’s area. The graves of children were always lovingly tended and decorated with brightly coloured trinkets , wind chimes and statues. For me, the cemetery was never, and still is not, a place to be afraid of. There is so much evidence of life. Memory, lives lived, a last resting place.

Knowing that I want to somehow show the connection that the past and present have in such a place and Idea I had was to take photographs of the cemetery and meld them with photographs of the past.  I remember in my grandmothers photo albums she had photographs of the funeral of her Mother, Brother and Husband. As a child I used to think this strange, why would you want a photograph of a grave stone? However, as an adult I see why she did it. She wanted to keep the memory alive for her. Photography was a very important part of  her life. She was good at it, and enjoyed it. She used to love going through the old albums that she kept in pride of place in her sideboard.

Knowing that these photographs existed I set about trying to find out what had happened to them. I asked my Mum if she had them. She recalled that she may have possession of them but was unable to find them. Given the time constraints , it was not possible to go through her attic trying to hunt down these photographs so I have discounted the idea of using the graveside shots as a starting point. I will however return to this idea as I am very interested in this idea and seeing where it could take me.

I did consider using old photographs of my grandparents creating a montage of them with the cemetery as a back drop. However, going through the old images that I have at my disposal I found that none of them really worked in the way I intended. I just couldn’t seem to find the right image to go with my idea.

eyee&paddy (1 of 1)

Back to the drawing board….


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