250mc – Site specific task lecture – Caroline Molloy

250mc Site specific task


The northwest corner of Florence and Normandie Avenues, Los Angeles, California, October 1993

On This Site – Joel Sternfeld – On this Site , Landscapes in Memorium ( 1996) – visited sites that had violent acts committed on them such as the beating of Rodney King.  Without knowing their history , these sites seem unremarkable, mundane. Its only when Sternfeld contextualises them do they make sense.  – drawing history to a site , place and time.   What is interesting about his work is that it makes you take a second look and question the history of place. How quickly the events of the past are forgotten. The stonewall – again this series is reliant on text to contextualise the work.

Terry Kurgan  – tell the audience about the site we have chosen



NORTHERN IRELAND. The Maze Prison. Waste ground and sports centre. 2003

Donovan Wyle – Maze 2009 – prison in Ireland for political prisoners . shows different layers of the prison to the viewer. The way in which Wylie presents the series echoes the way in which the floorplans are laid out. His work takes us on a journey though the prison from the outside in. The images convey a harshness and an almost clinical appearance that allows the viewer to obtain a certain sense of what the prison would have been like when occupied. The images almost present themselves as a  monument to the troubles that have plagued Ireland throughout history.


A City in the Mind, Untitled, 2008-2011
Pigment print, 65 x 89 cm, Edition of 7

City in the Mind – 2008-12 Peter Fraser – Poetic response to the  city – inspired by Invisible cities by italo calvino – he wanted to make a work about his emotional response to London. The items photographed seem to bear little relation to each other or London. It is a very subjective response and not the way you would immediately think to represent the city. I am drawn to this way of working, finding it intriguing how peoples responses to places and spaces vary so much from one person to the next.

The Return of the Native – Suky Best – Suky’s work is interesting in that she looks at the wildlife and its relationship to the environment to document a landscape. She looks a indigenous species that are now extinct within the site chosen and reintroduces them using digital media.   This calls us to question the ever evolving nature of the landscape, drawing upon history to create a present. Suky uses animation along site still image. Examples of her work can be found here : http://www.sukybest.com/2005/09/26/the-return-of-the-native/


Maciej Dakowicz – Cardiff after Dark

Maciej Dakowicz – Cardiff after Dark – explored the English drinking culture. intense documentary using available light and unposed, understated photographs. Anyone who has spent a weekend night out in city in the UK will know this scene. It is shocking yet familiar. Some of the photographs have a great sense of intimacy despite the fact that the photographer and subject are strangers. The series portrays the side of Cardiff that I am sure the Welsh Tourism board would rather brush under carpet.   The full series of images can be found on his Flickr stream.



Patrick Shanahan – Esperanis – phd study – photographs in an Uncanny way. MAke the familiar look unfamiliar. coast of portugal and spain – post topographical abstraction influenced by Lynch, makes surreal

Melanie Manchot – Stories form Russia 2004 – Moscow, famous historical sites. Interactive performance piece. Performative portraiture. interacting with the landscape, more reactionary.

Corrine Silva – Imported Landscapes 2010 – interested by the relationship between north africa and spain, the moors were present in spain. lots of industry from spain has gone to north africa. taken photos of african landscape and imported them onto billboards in the spanish landscape. placed in areas that are losing their industry.

Susan Hiller – From the freud Museum 1991-96 – anthropological artist. anthology of 50 objects losely based around believe systems.

It took strength to tackle those hills – Tristan Hutchinson  2010-12 – demise of towns during the recession , dark bland

Jeanette Lowe –  The Flats Memoires perceptions realities –

Ourselves alone – Susanne Bosch – photograph the cities and take out everything that wasn’t native to irelland.

what do I want to explore, what ideas do I have? take inspiration from the above photographers

Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller – video walk

House – collaboration between space and artists. art exhibited in peoples homes etc.

Sophie Calle –  work on Paris. Voyeuristic work. Picked a man in a street and followed him. absorbed the subject so much that she followed him to venice and became obsessed with him.

Taryn Simon -An American Index of Hidden and Unfamiliar 2007


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