Map Choice – 250mc – Assignment 2

Having reached the conclusion that Coventry Cathedral means so much to me on a personal level I have decided to shoot ruins of St.Micheals. It provided so much inspiration to me as a child that I hope it will carry through to my interpretation of this current brief.

That I have now decided to base my project around the Old Cathedral I need to consider what I want to do with it. I did think about taking photographs of the ruins as they are now but I felt that it would lack the impact and sense of history that I am after. There are many images on the internet taken in the old Cathedral ruins. I do not want my images to be pedestrian in nature. I want to bring alive the history of the place . I have decided to try and merge the old and the new by taking found photography and merging it with my own photography to try to recreate a now and then feel to my images.

So now I actually have a starting point I want to research as much as I can about the History of the Church and what happened on November 14th 1940.


The Map I have chosen to centre my study on:

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 15.41.49


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