Marc Hermann – Crime Scenes – 250mc

Having decided upon my theme of photographing the cathedral ruins as they stand now and merging this with old found imagery before and immediately after the night of Novemeber the 14th , I began to research the way in which other photographers have approached this kind of undertaking. 

Marc Herman is a press photographer living in the USA. He started photographing live news events which then led him to look to the past. He made use of New York’s Daily News photo archive in order to bring historical events into the modern day. 

Herman does not claim to have produced “perfect ” pieces of work, stating that “this is an editorial retrospective. In the old days of newspapers, prints were retouched by hand, and could be interpreted as imperfect messes by a discriminating eye. To be trite, “they are what they are.” 

He goes on to argue that it is a virtually impossible feat to create perfect images when merging old and new, not being able to align the images so that they meld together seamlessly.  He takes the approach that it is part of the charm, indeed the purpose of these images, to draw the viewers eye to the differences. Thus highlighting the changes that have occurred over time. 

Examples of Hermann’s work : 

Although my images are not of crime scenes , I could relate the above images to the work I am doing. The disaster element of them, mixed with the tranquility of the current day is a striking contrast. It has started me questioning my own surrounding, wondering what events may have occurred around me in past times. 

More images can be found on Mark Hermanns website



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