Kennard Phillips – 250mc – Assignment 2

I am interested in the way that other practitioners use Photo-Montage to create interesting pieces of work. One that immediately springs to mind is the work of Kennard-Phillips. Their work is very politically motivated, using hard hitting images to create montages, asking the viewer to contemplate their own complacency within the World. The work demands that the viewer opens their eyes to what is going on around them ,there is no avoiding the message that is being presented to you.

Having visited the  Caught in the Crossfire: Artistic Responses to Conflict, Peace and Reconciliation hosted by the Herbert in Coventry back in April, I was intrigued and inspired by the work of Kennard Phillips. The exhibition itself was a collection of  work by various artists , charting their response to war, conflict and political unrest, as well as looking towards the future and reconciliation.

rough021This image depict a grinning Tony Blair, who was Prime Minister of the UK at the time of the Invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan following the September the 11th terrorist attacks on New York. The Boy to symbolise the innocent parties that are always present in War Zones. Whilst the politicians and extremists wage war, the innocents suffer. The use of photo montage is subtle upon first glance, but deliberately not quite perfect.

_5139391Like the photographer Matt Hermann stated about his own work, that they are not intended to be perfect pieces of work, the same could be true of KennardPhillips work. Whereas Matt Herman uses a real History superimposed over the present, Kennard  Phillips has used two co-existing realities and made them into an alternate reality. The technique used here allows the viewer to really question the validity of the image, what is real and what is not. You could argue that the technique itself is a tool to allow you to question the validity of the war itself.

The processes used here have allowed me to look at the ways in which I want to approach my work, whilst not taking a political angle, I do want to use the way that both KennardPhillips and Matt Hermann have blurred the lines of reality to make the viewer think about the History of the Cathedral.



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