250mc – Appropriation & the Vernacular – Caroline Molloy

Notes from todays Lecture: 
How and why ?
Where do we find archives? What sources do they come from?
Walter Benjamin’s Archive – becomes and portrait of the person.
Rober Opie collector of memorabilia from the 70’s 80’s.
Vernacular Photography – amateur photographer everyday life and common things as their subjects.
Dictionary definition of Vernacular : 1 (usu. the vernacular) the language or dialect spoken by the ordinary people of a country or region: he wrote in the vernacular to reach a larger audience.

• [ with adj. or noun modifier ] informal the terminology used by people belonging to a specified group or engaging in a specialized activity: [ mass noun ] :gardening vernacular.2 [ mass noun ] architecture concerned with domestic and functional rather than public or monumental buildings: buildings in which Gothic merged into farmhouse vernacular.

In almost every picture – Ria at the shooting gallery 1936. taken almost every year over the course of artists life. Quality is not important but what they represent.
Eric Kessels collected albums – vernacular family photo albums.
Artists intervention into the archive –
Book ‘Taliban’ –
Joachim Schmid – Very miscellaneous – 1996 – asked to intervene and make sense of an archive.
Mohini Chandra – Album Pacifica – decided to re present the family album by showing the backs of the family photographs.
I know you Lucy Booth – Rachel James – videographer videoing peoples response to the book.
John Stezaker  – uses archives and doesn’t actually take photographs himself. Still won prize for work,
Christian Boltanski – symbolic respresention using archives.
Shuka Glotman – Unhistorical moments.
Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin – People in trouble (contacts) used the archives to find contact images that had been chosen i.e. with a red cross or ringed then it was important and will be represented.
People in trouble (dots) peeled back the dots and just printed that part of the image.
Lets be honest the weather helped – WAlid Raad – making sense collaboratively to makes sense of lebansese history .creating a new archive using his own.
Susan Meiselas –  Kurdistan  In the shadow of History. http://www.akakurdistan.com
John Pike – shows that responses can be community lead.
2 films using found footage /vernacular recordings : Preview of Senna 2012
Preview of Grizzly Man 2005

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