Mez Packer- Creative writing workshop

31st October 2013

morning-sunEdward Hopper – Morning Sun (1952) – We were asked to use this image as a starting point for a free writing exercise, writing for 4 minutes any thoughts that were inspired by the painting.  The aim of the exercise is to keep pen to paper, to allow the ideas to flow. I came up with the following ;

She is gazing out of the window , the warm evening sun streaming in. The warmth of the sun relaxing her. What is she contemplating? Being alone perhaps? There is a lack of artefacts within the room. No trinkets or photographs of loved ones. Perhaps she is mourning a loss? Or perhaps she is merely enjoying the landscape of the city in front of her. The City roof’s bathes in the light of the setting sun. She could be listening to the sounds of the City, whilst enjoying the solitude and serenity of her space. The space that she retreats to , away from the hustle and bustle of the City streets below the window.

This exercise forced me to use my imagination, to allow myself to really think about the painting. I looked into it rather than just at it.  At the beginning of the exercise I wondered if I would be able to write anything at all, however when the timer reached 4 minutes I realised that I could have carried on writing as the painting had really inspired me.


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