Work in Progress – 250mc

With my idea progessing into a photo-montage project, and the fact that I have decided that I want to take my images of the Cathedral exclusively on the 14th November due to the significance of the date , means that  during todays group feedback session I presented some mock up ideas of what I want to present in my final piece.

I discussed my ideas around my family ties to Coventry graveyard and the reasons as to why, at this time, I cannot pursue that line of research. Whilst discussing my ideas I mentioned that as a child many of my predominant memories centre around the social life of my parents. I remember times spent in pub gardens during summer days and my parents had active ties with the Firemen at Binley Road Fire-station. I spent many Christmas days /New years eve in the firemens bar. However the area is outside of the maps that have been specified by the brief so I decided not to pursue this as a line of research.

However , it quickly became apparent from discussing this idea with my peers and tutor , Caroline, that this is an interesting plan. I want to explore pub life and the memories that it can imprint on children who spend their time in the grown up world of bars and working clubs. I feel that this is a project that I will be able to approach in the future. I find that I work best when I am approaching my work from a personal angle and this could really blossom into something quite interesting. Definitely a case of watch this space!

So, leading on from the fact that I am interested in the idea of merging old, found photography with the modern day, I presented the group with a couple of images that I had created in photoshop.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The above slideshow demonstrates the direction in which I want to take this project and the method that I want to take in order to achieve and outcome. I discussed my ideas which were well received by the group as a whole. Prior to the session I was a little unsure that this was the final path to take. Now I am certain that this is a good idea, taking my interest in History into account I feel that this is the perfect choice for me to make.

This feedback session has been immensely helpful to me as prior to it , it has helped me clarify the direction in which I take my assignment. The fact that I have a tie to the City and that the Cathedral is a symbol for all Coventrians. Not to mention the childhood stories I remember my grandmother telling me about her memories of the Blitz. The one thing I regret is that I do not have a written or recorded account of her memories. I guess that everything is 20/20 in hindsight.


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