Images- 250mc – Assignment 2

My final image choices are :

I chose to present a triptych to symbolise the past, present and future of Coventry. The Phoenix rising from the ashes. The City today shaped by History, but optimistic about the future, the images representing the juxtaposition of past and present.

These images were created Using Photoshop to merge the 2 composite images into a final piece. The exemption being the Father Forgive image, I wanted this to be a stand alone image. A reminder of what happened.

The Past: Pillars of Strength

pillarssmlComposite images were :

The historical image was a postcard by J.J.Ward of Coventry, I do not have a date for this image but feel that it is a perfect illustration of the majesty of the interior of the Old St.Michael’s. The second image for my composition was taken by me on the 14th November 2013. As the sun was starting to set in the afternoon, the sky clear and the air crisp and cold. As I was taking the image I was all too aware of the fact that very evening , 73 years ago, the fate of the Cathedral lay in the hands of the Luftwaffe. Gone forever the pillars, the glorious stained windows of which only fragments remain today.

A lone elderly woman walks through the ruins. I wonder if she too recognises the significance of todays date? Does she have a personal recollection of the Blitz on Coventry, were her family members affected? What does it mean to her? I should have approached her and asked, but the moment passed, she left. Quietly and contemplating in her steps.

This image represents the past.

The present: Churchill

churchill2ndwebcomposites were:

As I am reflecting the events of the Night of November 14th 1940 and the impact it had on the Cathedral building, I have chosen to display this image as the present day, The present being the time that the Cathedral was destroyed. I chose to use the same modern day image as I feel it provides a nice tie in with the past photograph. The lone woman, as if she is perusing her way through time, albeit unbeknown to her. Is she aware that the space she finds herself walking through was once occupied by Winston Churchill? Again, this image presents more questions. It begs to be looked a closely.

The Future: Father Forgive


For the future image I wanted to represent Hope and Faith, after all, the Cathedral being a place of Worship. The Cross of Nails is placed upon the altar, against which is propped a copy of the Litany of Reconciliation, written by Canon Joseph Poole in 1958. Carved into the stone behind the altar are the words Father Forgive put there by Provost Howard following the bombing of the building.  I chose to desaturate this image of all but the Red of the Poppies that had been scattered upon the altar. A recognisable symbol of remembrance.

Supporting images:

I have chosen to use a number of smaller images of both past and present and present them as an accompanying Exhibition Book.  They provide a back story to the Cathedral as it is today, and how it once was.

Without time, financial and logistical constraints I would choose to display these images in a gallery setting. The exhibition would be accompanied by an exhibition catalogue, the making of which I have detailed here : Exhibition Brochure .


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