Exhibition Brochure – 250mc – Assignment 2

Creation of my exhibition brochure :

To compliment my framed images I want to present the viewers with images that go along side the exhibition, something tactile that visitors to the exhibition would be able to take home with them and return to at their leisure. I know when I visit n exhibition I like to have something that I can get my hands on and take away with me. I makes my interaction with the exhibition, and artist, more personal and intimate.

Possible formats :

Book/traditional brochure: I have quickly ruled this out as I want to create something that is more intimate.

DVD/Video: Again I feel that this lacks the personal feel to it. It also would not represent the War time.

Folio Folder :  I think this idea could work. My inspiration is the old fashioned Top Secret files that you see in old War films. I feel that this will work with the exhibition.

This website has some fantastic examples of brochure design and with unlimited funds and more time I would use a graphic designer to help me put together the perfect envelope and style it : http://www.onextrapixel.com/2012/04/26/40-unique-and-beautiful-examples-of-brochure-design/

However, for the purposes of this assignment I have made a maqeutte of the essence of the brochure I would create.

The front of the envelope is going to have an Air Raid Report on it, something the the Air Raid Wardens had to fill out during the war to keep a record of the attack and any damages.


Final Envelope:



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