Considering Presentation – 250mc -Assignment 2

Having chosen my final images I have been considering the way in which I wish to present them. Inititialy I considered creating a book in the style of some of the tourist style guide books I have looked at. There are many books available on the history of Coventry, and more specifically,  the Old St.Michael’s. However, there is a huge array of publications dedicated to the Coventry Blitz that I do not feel that a book would be the best format for my work. I want the viewer to be able to view the images from afar but to study them up close. My intention is that the closer you get to the image, the more different it appears to be. I want the viewer to see up close what cannot be perceived at first glance.

For this reason I have decided to print my images at A3 size and frame them so to present them within a gallery setting. Each image being given its own space in which to be dissected and considered by the viewer.


For this assignment, due to time and financial constraints I have decided to frame just one image in order for me to present the concept to my peers. Something to capture the essence of what I want to exhibit. I had 3 images printed to A3 and have been debating with myself as to which one to frame. I love my image Father Forgive. The aesthetics of it appeal to me, capturing the litany of reconciliation and to be able to shoot it when there were poppy petals on the altar have added more to its meaning. However , as my proposal is to capture the History with the current day, uniting the past and present in reconciliation with each other I found that this image is not the best to adequately portray this to the viewer. Therefore I have chosen to present my image ‘Pillars of Strength’. This image marries up the past and present, but not altogether perfectly. Like Matt Hermann , I never intended for the images to be perfect. Instead I want them to look ordinary. To fool the viewer that there is nothing untoward. Only when closely inspecting the image do you see that there is stained glass in place where it today does not exist. The pillars to the left side slightly out of sink with the rest of the image. My intention is for these images to be looked at closely and for the history to unfold.


Either side of this image I want to have small 7 x 5 images of found imagery from the past and modern day images that I shot myself. To represent the past and present. A symbol of hope and resilience.




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