Reflections – 250mc

When I received this brief I was excited and interested to see how my project would develop. I have a keen interest in History , and coming from Coventry, I have a personal connection to the City. Many of my childhood memories centre around the Cathedral and I remember childhood stories relating to the War time narrated by my Grandmother. I found this project to be incredibly immersive and have thoroughly enjoyed carrying out research and creating my final pieces of work, something that I think is reflected in my final outcome.

I feel that I have presented a cohesive series of images and that they have the desired effect, causing people to look closer, something that we should all do when looking to the past. Without understanding history how can we expect to understand the world we occupy today. History is relevant to the world we live in, and Coventry Cathedral is a testament to this , the litany of reconciliation, the cross of nails, the very ruins of the building. All serving as reminders to learn from history.

Although my initial idea did not fit the brief, after taking into consideration the input from my peers and tutor during  our feedback sessions, I feel happy with my decision to compile a past and present study of Coventry. I have presented clear and concise history of the events of November 14th and feel that my images support the research that I have carried out.

Using photo-montage as a medium has allowed me to brush up my photoshop skills, pushing my skills beyond the usual , curve and levels techniques I might employ when editing. I feel that this method is something that I may come back to as the course progresses and I would be interested to perhaps approach a project using a mixed media approach. It has certainly allowed me to develop my eye beyond that of merely taking an image.

Overall, I feel that this assignment has been very successful for me and whilst carrying out research, has led me to new idea that I hope to take forward. For me, this project has provided the first stepping stone to where I see my professional practice heading. The amalgamation of the personal, memories and histories providing a basis on which I wish to take my core practice in the future.




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