#Picbod – Introduction

The following notes are from a lecture held by Dr. Adrienne Evans.

The 90 Second Project

The above video presents the way in which the music industry sexualises women to sell records.  This video was shown as an introduction to the lecture.

Representing Our Bodies – Adrienne Evans
looking at the way in which sexualization in popular culture is represented.
What is the body? – Bodies are constructed and restricted by cultural and historical norms.  – Restricted by social position. i.e. a homeless person would have more restriction in moving around and how the represent their body.
Media influence? – How does the visual world construct how we think about how the body.
Range of technologies enable us to represent the way we present ourselves socially.
Vo5 advert –

What bodies are represented in the above advert? – young slim white females . young toned white men. 
Demonstrated a racial divide in the ideal. This advert is rather contradictory in nature, its suggests that you break the mold and use their products, yet the people portrayed fit a very narrow ideal of the body beautiful, all conforming to stereotypes.
The Gaze –
what does it feel like to be looked at- being looked at reminds us that we have a body- recognise ourselves as a person. Can make us feel uncomfortable – are we a subject or an object? By acknowledging the gaze of others it brings about a self awareness, a recognition that others see us.
 Objectification- turning people into an object for our own gain. Woman as instrument or object of pleasure etc.- Camera can be a tool for objectification.  Are photographers participants in this objectification.
BaartmanVenus Hottentot –
Sarah “saartjie” Baartman (died 1815) born into slavery
Freak show act in England and experimented on in france.
Her genitals etc were on display in france and not repatriated to Africa until
Gender inequality
The everyday sexism project. examples of sexist behaviours that women come across in everyday situations.
activity – woman in a wheelchair  – how difficult would it be to …..
Walk into an expensive shop …… very
Get married in a church ……. Not
Get home safely ……… Slightly
Bodies are defined by a range of binary differences.
Bodies are more than just gender, race, class and sexuality but all of these things.
one of the pair in the binary is always the underprivileged . i.e. white woman v black woman. and so on.
Alternitive Representation.
maybe limited to social and historical norms but can shape the body in various ways that go beyond biology . body is malleable . can be changed in shape appearance and physicality. i.e. diet, tattoos and piercings.
This can lead to Body Modification .- female body builders, scarification and branding etc. – referred to modern primitives – urban subcultures that form tribal affiliations
Orlan – performance artist who modified her body to challenge historical concepts of the body beautiful.



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