Week 2 – Tribe , My Response.

My Tribe, my family, my love. – This task asked that we look at the Tribe in which we reside within and take an intimate portrait of a member/members of it. Thinking about the vulnerabilities that people feel when being photographed. Although I am a photographer I hate having me own photograph taken. I feel self-conscious and self critical. I do not like looking at myself and I feel that a lot of the time this awkwardness is apparent in photographs that are taken of me.

I chose to take a portrait of my husband as he is the leader of my tribe. He is the one whom I trust implicitly, my best friend and the person who I can be myself with. I am at ease with him and he with me. When choosing the aesthetics of the image I did not feel the need to have Simon in a state of undress to suggest intimacy. I feel that nakedness all too often is used as a metaphor to suggest that the subject is comfortable and intimate with the photographer whereas the reality can make the subject appear ill at ease and distracted, portraying an opposite of what is intended by the photographer. Instead I asked that Simon try to ignore the camera and try to look through it, focusing on my rather than the lens. I feel that I have captured this within the image. Simon’s gaze is directly through the lens, presenting a confidence in front of the camera that I feel he would not have if it were a stranger taking the image.

When making a decision to pair it with a furnishing image I tried to think about personal environments that encapsulate with essence of the subject. It got me thinking about beds. As human beings we spend a lot of our time in our beds. Looking around my house at my families beds I have noticed that we tend to make them into a very personal space. Even the way sheets crinkle in after a nights sleep can suggest to us who has been sleeping in the bed.  I took several images of Simons side of the bed but for me, this is the most successful. The composition, colours and tones work for me. I find the image appealing and it also gives the viewer a snippet of Simons personality.



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